Blame Game

Last night on Larry King Live, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said,

“I submitted my resignation to President Bush twice during that period [during the Abu Graib scandal] and told him that I felt that he ought to make the decision as to whether or not I stayed on. And he made that decision and said he did want me to stay on.”

I can’t decide if this is an honest excuse for still being there, or Rumsfeld passing the buck–I tried to quit but HE wouldn’t let me. Is it cowardice on the part of Rumsfeld for not just resigning? He submitted his resignation TWICE, he obviously thought he should leave, but he told Bush to decide. Or maybe it was pride. It just seems so childish. I tried to resign. If you are resigning, you are deciding to quit. Period. Not letting someone make the decision for you. That’s being fired. And with Bush’s fiercely loyal and dependent personality, what did Rumsfeld think would happen?


One response to “Blame Game

  1. Maybe the man is loyal to his country? Maybe he sees the President in a different way (very possible). Maybe he takes it much more serious than those of us casually evaluating his position (very, very, possible).

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