High Drama at The O.K. Corral (Or Blue Mesa, Take Your Pick)

Well the last couple of days have been quite interesting in my little part of the blogosphere. On Wednesday I met with my fellow bloggers from Y’all Blog for the first time. Only there were some problems. One half of us couldn’t find the other half.

We met at Blue Mesa, and it was extraordinarily busy. They had three corporate parties going on which, as Stacy noted, involved lots of synergy and brainstorming and flowcharting…looked like lots of fun. The bar was also especially full. The plan had been to wear or at least bring a silly hat so we could find each other. I did. I was the only one who did. I brought my big floppy sun hat.

I wandered around the bar for a while and then someone sitting at the middle of the bar waved at me. It was Stacy. She was sitting with her Uberhusband, Dell, and Ali and her husband. We chatted, had blue margaritas and wondered where everyone else was. At one point we saw a man walk in who looked like he might be Mark. But he was walking with a purpose and headed straight for some people at the end of the bar. They said hello like they knew each other so we figured we were wrong. He was also alone and he had said he was bringing his wife. It never occurred to us that there could be others from our group at the end of the bar. So we waited. And waited. Finally, at about 8 we got a table for dinner.

We had a great time. Laughing and being silly, cracking jokes and learning a little about what makes other bloggers tick. There was some discussion of the beef on a stick, which Dell has previously outlined on her blog in graphic detail but no one’s beef quite compared to Dell’s. There was also discussion of our waitress. She was quite pleasant but I am thinking maybe not the brightest. I think there were some language barrier problems, but that didn’t seem to be what was causing most of the trouble. Maybe she was new, but she didn’t know what Grey Goose was. Grey Goose is the same in any language. But the food was good and the company was good, so all was well. After dinner, we peeked back in the bar which had emptied out considerably, but there were no familiar faces to be seen.

Thursday morning I got online and sent an e-mail to the group. “Where was everyone??” The reply I got was “check out Mark’s site.” So I did. On it he had written a fairly scathing post about his “minions” not showing. Mark is the “Managing Editor” of Y’all Blog. (I put quotes around that because some people don’t like that term. So to refrain from offending, I will be safe with quotes.) I must say, the use of the word minions was a touch much, but I didn’t take it to heart and treated it as a joke. Others did not. Several people got quite upset and a comment war began on Mark’s site. Unfortunately, we still haven’t heard from Mark. Although it appears he is rather sick so I will give him some leeway. I think the whole thing got blown way out of proportion.

The funny thing is the thing that keeps popping into my head is the phrase you always heard as a teenager when you were supposed to be calm about something, “let’s be adult about this.” Hmm…let’s see…Yes…Check, we are adults….surpassed that a while ago…hmmm….acting like them, emmm….not so sure.

At any rate, it was nice to meet some fellow bloggers!


8 responses to “High Drama at The O.K. Corral (Or Blue Mesa, Take Your Pick)

  1. Yea, well, sometimes I get mad. A mix of things. But I am over it, and I am really glad I got to meet you and hope we get to hang out together again! I am really nice, I swear!!!


  2. Haha! Yeah, I could tell! But I believe you! šŸ™‚

  3. I didn’t mean to delete my comment, although now it looks like I said something inflammatory and then had blogger’s remorse. LOL!

    I had a great time Wednesday night, too. I was actually over my anger by 7 a.m. yesterday but was rather amused by all of the personality charting and name-calling and dog attacks over the course of the rest of the day.

    Next time we all get together, I’ll bring a big sign that says, “Do You Bloghoo?” Sound good?


  4. You guys crack me up!
    It also occurred to me that we could have told the hostess that we were meeting and then when we got there just asked the hostess where the y’all blog group was.

  5. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. šŸ™‚

  6. I am sorry we missed you guys. I agree it was all just a big misunderstanding. Maybe next time. šŸ™‚

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