Donation Update

There are now several sites listing organizations taking donations for the tsunami tragedy. The death toll has also skyrocketed. As of 7:15 this morning the toll was up to 115,000 people.

I also wanted to let you know my personal experience with making a donation. I chose Doctors Without Borders for my donation, and made it on their website with my checkcard. I received a confirmation page at the end of my transaction saying it had gone through. The confirmation page informed me I would receive a confirmation e-mail and then an official letter in the mail for tax deduction purposes. I had assumed I would receive the e-mail almost immediately. It still hasn’t shown and there was no debit on my bank statement online. Since I had made the donation when they still had their heavy traffic page up, I thought maybe it hadn’t gone through. I decided to call and check.

I called the donation line and had to wait for a minute, due to heavy call volume, and then spoke to a very nice woman. She said they are simply behind processing the transactions, and if I received the confirmation page, there should be no problem.

Apparently, they are getting THOUSANDS of calls a day. I was happy to hear that. Thousands. Let’s say “thousands” means 2,000. If everyone donates just $10, that $20,000 a day or $140,000 a week! If everyone donates $50, that’s $700,000 a week, and if everyone were to donate $100, that would be $1.4 million a week. Just to that one organization. I am so happy people are responding. People are taking this tragedy into their own hands and helping. Every little bit is making a difference, just like they say.

Here is a link to a list of organizations accepting donations that was put together by Yahoo.


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