Quick Post.

One of our employees is stealing ornaments off the employee Christmas tree. We have two trees. One in the lobby, and one in the break room. Someone has stolen what appears to be 75-100 ornaments of the 150 that were on the break room tree. And just a couple at a time. It looks like they were taking them as they were walking out of the break room. The biggest holes on the tree are just below waist level–where your hands would hang. Why would someone do that?? Why? So now we have to be the bad guys and try and figure out who it was and then fire them on the spot. And if we figure out who it was by tomorrow, they are going to wind up getting fired on Christmas Eve. But what do you do? They are stealing. And not just from the business. They are taking something away from their fellow employees. It sucks.

In positive work news, I spent half my day getting ready for the Christmas party tomorrow. I filled a huge vase with 303 candies and whoever comes closest to guessing the right number gets the candy and the vase. I also wrote in glitter pen, the names of every employee on little stockings. Then I hung them on a clothesline by running the line through the loops on the stockings and filled them with candy! Tomorrow everyone will get to take home the candy, and then next year we will fill the stockings with candy again and add new stockings for new employees. I love new traditions!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


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