Cute Story of the Day

Last weekend while at party number three, I had the pleasure of witnessing, well…just the cutest thing! This party was hosted by my extended family–kind of my Aunt and Uncle, but no blood relation. They are real estate agents, and 13 years ago, they sold my parents their current house. Every year they have a party for all the people who they have help find a new home. But now, they also include their daughter’s clients…i.e. Me. My “cousin” Jen sold me my house. So this year, for the first time, I was invited.

In any event, it was just a normal party where you know only four or five people, but this time, one of those people was Jen’s son. He is four years old, named Brant and the coolest, sweetest, most awesomest kid ever! Brant was born with a birth defect. He is missing part of his outer ear on one side and is deaf in that ear. I don’t know if his disability is part of why he is so amazing, but it certainly doesn’t slow him down.

My father and I were standing by the kitchen table which was covered in wine bottles and glasses. Below the table were two oversized buckets. One had predominately beer in it and the other had juice boxes and water for the kids. Brant comes running over and heads straight for the juice boxes. He started digging through them picking one up at a time, looking at it and determining if this was the one he wanted or not. He was apparently looking for one particular flavor. My father and I watched in amusement as he picked up box after box and study it as though this were the decision to end all decisions. It became clear that he wasn’t finding what he wanted, and about this time I noticed that the other bucket had juice boxes in it too. So I steered Brant toward that bucket, and he started again looking box by box. Finally, he found it! MIXED BERRY!! The world was ok again.

Then he took the juice box, and rested it on the table which was at eye level. The next step was possibly the funniest thing I have seen in ages! He picked up the wine bottle opener. He placed the wine bottle opener on the juice box, and he preceded to twist the top of the wine bottle opener!! He was trying to open the juice box with a wine bottle opener! I was dying! Just picture this little boy holding this huge bottle opener over a tiny juice box and trying to use to open said tiny cardboard juice box!! It was the cutest thing ever!!

I think he may have been to one too many of his grandparents’ parties!


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