I am a Bunnysitter. Jeff has a bunny. I babysit her. Let me back up. Yes. Jeff has a bunny rabbit. Named Daisy. Let me suggest the vast number of times I teased him about his bunny named Daisy before we started dating! He always just said, “just wait until you meet her.” Then I met her. She is the world’s coolest bunny ever. She is black with a gray rump and gray fluffy feet. And as my mother said, “she looks like a jelly bean with big eyes.” She knows her name, knows the word “no” and is litter trained (well, cage trained). I also taught her to do “up, up, up.” When I say “up, up, up” she stands on her hind legs like a prairie dog. She can also jump over a broomstick set up on books on command.

Whenever Jeff goes out of town, Daisy visits my house. This means Jeff lugs her huge cage and two bags of food over to my house, and she spends some time living in my bathroom, and running around my house playing with my cats. Yes. They play. Daisy likes my house. It is a tad cleaner than Jeff’s place, and since I don’t smoke, she gets a little reprieve from that too. But what she really likes is the cats. She loves to annoy Luka! She walks right up to him and sticks her face in his. He doesn’t get her. He is smart enough to know she isn’t a cat and he can’t communicate with her. He doesn’t know how to get her to do what he wants, and her legs aren’t long enough to wrestle with her. He tries to agitate her to wrestle by whacking her with his paw(claws in), but Daisy just sits there. So he gets a puzzled look and wanders off. He often will watch Daisy from the couch as she plays under the coffee table. But if he falls asleep, there is a decent chance Daisy will jump up on the couch and jump right on Luka. That really pisses him off!

Daisy and Brody have a much different relationship. They seem to communicate. Jeff says this is because Daisy is smarter than Brody. I disagreed for a while. How could a bunny be smarter than a cat?? Then he asked the following:

Daisy knows her name. Does Brody?


Daisy knows the word, “no.” Does Brody?

Once in a while.

Daisy comes when you call her. Does Brody?

Umm…no. Not often.

Daisy knows tricks. Does Brody?

Uh. He knows how to get behind really teensy spaces and hide. Does that count??

But Brody can umm…Brody can…He tells me if his litter box isn’t clean enough by peeing just outside of it!! How ’bout that!!!?

Yeah. Daisy is smarter.

I conceded. I think Brody has a little brain damage. He was on a lot of medication as a kitten. I think too much. But in any case, when Daisy comes over, they will romp around the house together. They run together, or Daisy runs and Brody follows, or Brody runs and Daisy follows. And if Brody is sitting on the stairs, Daisy will run up to him, check on him and then run back down. Like she’s saying, “You ok, dude? Wanna play?” And on occasion, you can find both of them sitting side by side under my bed. Just chillin’.

When Daisy comes to visit, my house becomes a farm, but instead of hearing pig calls, you will likely hear, “Daisy stop that! No Luka don’t do that. Leave Brody alone you two! Where is that bunny?? LU-BROD-DAAAIISSYYY!!!!”


5 responses to “Bunnysitter

  1. But Brody share his name with a character from a Kevin Smith movie and Daisy is a flower.

    Brody wins. That is all.

  2. Haha! Actually, Brody was named after an Academy Award winner, Adrian Brody! 🙂

  3. You know I wanna agree that Brody is cooler….but Daisy is an F. Scott Fitzgerald character’s name. And that’s pretty cool. And actually a bunny named Daisy is kinda off the cute scale.


  4. Catching up on some reading….
    When I lived in Las Cruces, we had an albino lop-eared bunny named Abby. She was a riot… mostly litter box trained, knew her name, and was generally fun to hang with. There were however two issues we couldn’t resolve. The first was she liked to strip the kitchen cabinets. Imagine if you will your standard apartment kitchen with cheap cabinet coverings. She’d hook her teeth on the bottom and peel strips of the “wood looking” covering off the cabinets. The damage bill as you can guess was not plesant. The other habit was that she would eat the rubber buttons off of the remotes if they got left on the floor. Never understood that one, but it made it hard to change channels and stuff.

  5. Jeff lived in Las Cruces! How weird!

    Daisy’s only bad habit it chewing wires. She doesn’t do it often, but she did chew threw Jeff’s cable which made the TV all crazy!

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