Damn Adware

I have an evil adware program on my computer. And I cannot get it off. BroadcastPC has invaded my computer and I want it gone. Have any of you gotten slammed with this one yet? It randomly sends you movie trailers. You’re working on something and BLAM! your screen goes black and is sudden filled with a trailer. Very annoying. HOW DO I GET RID OF IT!! My spyware program catches it and deletes it and then it is back again. I deleted everything I could see of it in the Registry and it comes back. I am afraid to try any of the solutions online like X-block because I don’t trust them. I want to write Broadcast PC to ask them how to get their damned program off my computer but they want my e-mail, and I don’t trust them not to sell it. At this point I am considering setting up a new hotmail account just so I can e-mail them. But then again, I don’t really expect they will answer. HELP!!!


4 responses to “Damn Adware

  1. Here’s the Symantec guide for removal:


    Let me know if it helps …

  2. Cool! Thanks! I will try that tomorrow!

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