Dallasites Stock up!

There is an Albertsons closing at Josey and Valley View Lane, if anyone is interested. Today all the food went on sale at 50% off, plus you still get your reward card savings. There are 5 stores total in the area closing but I don’t know where the others are. I am sure a quick call to either your local Albertsons or Albertsons headquarters would do the trick, though. It is well worth it to go if you can. I bought $150 worth of pantry foods (stuff that won’t spoil quickly) and cleaning supplies and I saved $87! My total was around $63! Good times!

I don’t know if you all have noticed the ads lately for a store called SuperSaver (I believe that’s the name)–they show a receipt coming out of the machine and tell you how much you will save because they don’t have tons of SKUs and they don’t have a photo department, that sort of thing–well apparently, this is a new division of Albertsons and we are getting a few in the area. So if you live or work near one of the Albertsons that’s closing, take advantage of it while you can!!


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