Pocket Change

Do you have a jar of pennies in your house? You should. My parents started collecting their loose change for me in high school. They would put everything except quarters in a coffee tin in a cabinet under a counter. During college, they continued collecting coins. At one point, I decided to cash out. There was one large coffee can. I earned $80 that day when I rolled them all. Not a bad haul. My parents started new cans. They still collect the change. They now put the cans of coins in the cabinet under the window seat in my old bedroom. Last time I checked, I think there were 5 cans and jars of coins. The coins are still for me. Even though I am well on my own now. I am not sure why they started collecting the coins, or why for that matter they decided to give them to me, but it sure is fun to be the recipient!

Here is the story of another penny collector. He has a few more than me though. 1,407,550 pennies to be precise. That’s $14,000. He’s been collecting them for 34 years!


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