I have nothing intelligent to say today. I think m…

I have nothing intelligent to say today. I think my brain is in combination overload, due to the stress of moving and buying a house and pre-vacation floaty-ness. That basically means I am useless at work. I cannot concentrate! Plus, I am still in a little funk from the Texas loss to OU this weekend. We were SOOO close! How could we slip up in the 4th quarter?? We had held them back the whole game. All we needed was ONE touchdown. Very sad.


Oh and then there was the debate. I watched it with a nice mix of Democrats, Republicans, and me as a left-leaning independent. I thought it was a terrible debate. So uncontrolled. And neither of them said anything new or of any real substance. Do they not get it? We need to hear your PLAN. Not “I have a plan,” but what the plan is. Charlie called them out once and said neither of them had explained their plan to cut the deficit (because now BOTH of them plan to cut the deficit–little late Bushy). But then, when given the chance to go back and do so, neither of them did. I am just so disappointed with our leadership. The people who truly should be running the country are smart enough to want nothing to do with it. It takes such a special breed of person to want to lead the free world. You have to have an ego like a battering ram and be more power hungry than Hummer H2.


And as if there wasn’t enough reason already to be for stem cell research, Christopher Reeves died this weekend from a bed sore. A bed sore. How sad is that? Perhaps if stem cell research had found a cure for him, his untimely death could have been avoided. Why is it always the kindest people who are taken first?


As for that vacation I mentioned earlier, I am going to San Francisco this weekend! Thursday through Sunday! YAY! I have never been so if anyone has any suggestions, shout ’em out! And check this out, JG won the trip through work. It was a leadership award. So the airfare is paid for and we get $2400 to spend in 4 days!! And we have to spend it! So we are planning on renting a fancy car! BMW convertible maybe. Plus we get to eat fancy dinners and just basically spurge! Ahhh! Fun!!


2 responses to “I have nothing intelligent to say today. I think m…

  1. I think the problem of not getting the best and brightest minds of the generation running has more to do with the fact that those kinds of minds make SO much more money in the private sector than they could ever make in Public Service… throw in that, in public service, your every move is criticized, it either takes a unethical person, or the worst kind of masochist to deal with it.

  2. Well, I agree to an extent, but I think there are plenty of people who have the minds and aren’t as concerned about the money. I have a couple of friends who are certainly some of the brightest people I know and they are in non-profit or low paying careers because it was more of what they wanted to do. They are also humble people who do not seek the spotlight.

    I would venture to guess that we haven’t had altruistic leaders since the Mid 1800s (and I am sure someone will be rudely offended by that statement). Once the industrial revolution allowed people to move around more freely and have faster access to information, the presidential position took on a new power and created more celebrity. Between the celebrity and the public scrutiny, it requires a very interesting sort of person to run for president.

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